DIY Your Shimmy Home Touchless Dispenser

Our homes are a reflection of what makes us happy, and we all choose patterns and pieces that make us smile day after day. Our favorite way of bringing more personality to any room is wallpaper, whether professionally pasted on or peel-and-stick. So when deciding where to place your new Shimmy Home, don’t let your décor hold you back. When we said we designed Shimmy Home to blend in or stand out, we meant it!

What makes Shimmy Home even more lovable, beyond being smart, sustainable, and shareable? Our detachable Faceplate is the perfect way to make your Shimmy totally your own. Try this easy DIY wallpaper project--and don’t forget to tag us so we can shimmy along with you when it’s done.


Step 1 - Remove and Clean Faceplate

Every Shimmy Home has a magnetic Faceplate that’s easy to remove and replace as often as you’d like. Gently lift the Faceplate off the Home unit and clean it with a damp cloth to remove any dirt or debris. We love using a spritz of any (refillable!) multi-surface cleaner to ensure it’s extra clean, but it’s not necessary. We really love clean. 


Step 2 - Position Wallpaper

Cut a piece of wallpaper a few inches larger than your Faceplate, and line it up with the placement on the wall. Do you want your Shimmy Home to perfectly blend in, or do you want to flip the pattern or place it off-center to invite a second look? Line up your Faceplate on top of the wallpaper, and mark the corners in pencil so you know the perfect place to cut the wallpaper down to size. 


Step 3 - Apply Wallpaper

Once your Faceplate is clean and completely dry, apply your wallpaper to the Faceplate following the manufacturer's instructions or using a few strips of double-sided tape along the edges. Smooth down, and give it a moment to set or dry as needed. 


Step 4 - Place Shimmy

Following the instructions in the user manual, hang your Shimmy Home with either screws or the double-sided tape. If you’re concerned about damaging your wallpaper, consider using 3M Command Hooks to mount your Shimmy Home to be extra safe. 


We hope you have fun customizing your Shimmy Home to your home. Be sure to tag us @getshimmy in your Instagram posts for the chance to be featured on our site. We can’t wait to see you Shimmy!

Shimmy Home Touchless Hand Sanitizer Dispenser DIY Wallpaper