Transforming the way everyday essentials show up in our home and impact our planet

Uncompromising design and convenience.

Centered around human connection and the essential joy it sparks, Shimmy is designed to help you live the life you love while taking care of the planet too. We started Shimmy to revolutionize the way households and businesses use everyday essentials, and to build better, more sustainable systems with all of the ease and convenience — and none of the single-use plastic.

A cleaner planet for future generations—and right now

We’ve created a hand sanitizer system that prevents more plastics from polluting our planet, and helps to remove existing plastics too. But how? Built to last, our impeccably designed containers are made with as little plastic as possible, and all of our refills are packed in easy-to-recycle aluminum. We also partner with Climate Neutral and Plastic Bank® to offset our carbon emissions and plastic footprint. Now that’s something to Shimmy about.

After years of working in the consumer products business - not to mention being the mother of three young children - I know that life can get messy. But, when it came to keeping my family clean, safe, and germ-free, I found existing solutions fell short - foul-smelling, sticky, unattractive and packaged in single-use plastic.

I started Shimmy to address these issues and to produce the most practical and premium experience on the market today. Shimmy is the hand sanitizer system that makes being eco-friendly easier than ever. Designed to fit perfectly in your home and in everyday routines, you will be proud to share Shimmy with friends and family.

After all, that's what Shimmy is all about: bringing people together without worries, without compromise. This new generation of everyday essentials has the power to shift our collective wellbeing, for healthier families and a healthier planet - not just for the future, but for right now.



Here at Shimmy, everything we do starts with joy (and clean hands!). All of our products are:

  • Seamlessly effective

  • Gentle on hands and planet

  • Designed to make you smile

If you’re anything but satisfied, we want to hear about it. Send us all your questions, comments, and fun Shimmy stories: